LLP SunSystems

Financial management with an international flavor. All you need for both local and international accounting.

LLP SunSystems

Easy to use, easy to set up, and ready to grow with your business.

LLP SunSystems

A secure platform for integration, consolidation and local reporting.

Infor SunSystems

An integrated system for financial management that’s ready to grow with you. SunSystems software integrates financial, purchase, sales and stock processes. Used by more than 9.000 customers in 190 countries around the world.


A system that's ready to grow with you
Easy to use, easy to customise
Easy to support
Flexible and powerful management reporting


Consistent consolidated reporting accross any number of companies
Accounting for unlimited companies and currencies
Manage identical or differing accounting standards across your organisation
Dozens of analytical levels and aggregation features


Built to handle data import and export from, and to, you other business systems
Integrate data from your other business systems
Effective management and audit of business rules
Consolidated and local reporting, with full transaction audit

Why SunSystems?

Infor SunSystems is a suitable solution for any company that’s limited by its current system. SunSystems is comparable with international software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Oracle or local software such as Helios, Abra, and KARAT.
If your current systems doesn’t meet your expectations and is limiting your company’s growth, or if you’re searching for a suitable alternative to your current systems, SunSystems can be an option.

How it works - demo video

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6 general reasons that suggest you need a new information system


As companies grow or systems proliferate, you’ll find there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. You and your staff are working overtime or catching up with the backlog on the weekend. Simple manual workarounds that worked well in the past become arduous tasks as workload volume increases. Reconciliations get ever more difficult and take more time. As efficiency declines, morale declines alongside it. It’s time for a better solution!


How often are management staff asking you urgently for a new report? As a business grows, its complexity grows with it, and it’s a struggle to keep up with the demand for management reports. When things are simple, it’s easy enough to extract the data you need and restructure it in Excel, but this becomes exponentially more difficult and time-consuming as complexity increases. You can’t keep up with demand, and your management can’t manage without the reports they request. It’s time for a better solution!


As demand for data insights and complex reporting increases, the number of spreadsheets multiplies along with the formulae and rules you use to provide the analysis that’s needed. Consistency is lost and all sorts of ad-hoc spot solutions get developed to solve unique problems. Even separate databases in Access or other tools provide what’s needed. Your vulnerability to the knowledge of isolated staff members, the errors they might make, failures in the reconciliation process, grows daily. Can you trust the vital management reports you eventually receive? It’s time for a better solution!


As your accounting system database grows, it becomes an ever more valuable repository of data that’s useful for your company. But it’s one thing to possess big data, and it’s another thing to be able easily to use it. Your customers, your suppliers, your employees, the financial authorities, your corporate headquarters, and your operational management, all need reports and requirements often change from day to day as the operational environment of the business changes. There may come a time when your systems just don’t allow you to build reports quickly and flexibly. It’s time for a better solution!


Even the biggest companies with massive budgets and teams of IT specialists know that no single business system can do everything for everybody. The lower you go in the application hierarchy the less and less any one system can do for you. Most companies quickly find themselves running a multitude of separate business applications to address their operational needs. Accounting, billing, procurement, payroll, HR, asset management, project services, customer relationship, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, budgeting, forecasting, management reporting—the list is endless. The accounting system is often at the centre of this application universe. Eventually, data needs to pass across the finance threshold, and it is critically important that data integration is validated, verified, and posted into the ledgers in an approved, efficient, and timely manner. Small accounting systems struggle with the integration needs of such a real-life environment. It’s time for a better solution!


Operating multiple independent entities presents extra challenges to the finance team, and you may need to handle inter-company and intra-company transactions. In the best of all worlds, it would be ideal if you could efficiently produce financial reports for each entity as well as a consolidated report combining all the data. You may face the added complexities of joint-venture accounting. At a day-to-day level, people may be frustrated, having to switch between separate databases for each entity or potentially separate installations of the system. Here lies the need to have a single solution that handles all the various entities of a complex, multi-national, or growing organisation. It’s time for a better solution!

Are you interested in Infor SunSystems?

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Benefits and main functions

SunSystems is a powerful, configurable and flexible system for complex financial and accounting management. It provides professional and user-friendly reporting. Find out what you can control and manage with the system.

Online on any device

Available anytime, anywhere. Monitor your key financial performance indicators wherever you are. SunSystems is available online on PC, Web and mobile devices.

Online on any device

Are you interested in Infor SunSystems?

If you want to try SunSystems, send us a message.

Client References

Our customers range from small to large organisations across a wide range of industries and locations. The solution is suitable for mid-to-large and large organisations.

“Our partnership with LLP Group and investment in Infor SunSystems has been significantly instrumental to Menzies Aviation’s long-term success and growth. For 15 years, we operated the system in its first version before upgrading to the latest technology, which allowed us to leverage greater efficiency through more effective utilization of the entire solution.” … “Whenever we needed to add another new airport, location, country, or just adapt some processes in the system, we could rely on LLP Group to help us in the area of ​​system implementation and operation, but also in IT infrastructure configuration and management.”

Jan Slunský

Vice President of Financial Systems
Menzies Aviation

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“HBO, in Central Europe, having implemented SunSystems and Vision, a financial management software more than 10 years ago, rely on LLP as their partner to provide daily support as well as to introduce new functionalities and ideas as HBO’s requirements evolve. HBO has complete confidence in LLP’s consultants – their approach can be characterised as professional, flexible, pedantic, creative, and responsive, actively contributing in the decisions we make. Our cooperation continues with complete trust in LLP Hungary.”

Barbara Tarnóczi

ERP coordinator, controlling department
HBO Holding Zrt.

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