An integration platform combined with a user portal provides you with all you need, including documents, to make the right decisions without the need to search through a multiplicity of systems.

Ming.le provides a unified social networking platform where you can connect with colleagues and securely share information, conversation and electronic files within your organisation. You will be able easily to tap into the knowledge and expertise of others across departments, locations and time-zones, to make decisions more quickly and with greater confidence.

With Ming.le you can share and communicate real-time information from SunSystems to others in your community—including those who don’t normally access the system. You can also organise your business into functional teams and let the team members share actual screens or reports containing real-time data from SunSystems.

Infor’s ION is a versatile piece of technology designed as a platform for providing and publishing data from transaction-based systems. ION thus enables interaction with data (e.g. workflow approvals) and allows you to schedule interfaces and mappings from one system to another, using easy-to-understand tools. ION can manage multiple integrations at once.

ION can also manage approval workflow and monitor events occurring in source systems. Ming.le is the interface between the ION and users.

Infor SunSystems integrates with Infor Document Management (IDM) to enable the archiving of reports. For example, reports run by users or schedules can be configured to send PDF output files, along with key metadata, to IDM, which enables in-context record-to-document association through Infor Ming.le, and a secure repository for documents. You can also print documents within SunSystems and store them automatically in IDM.