All businesses need flexible sales processing software. Most businesses need to issue ad hoc sales invoices for miscellaneous transactions. Whether you’re donating old equipment to charity or billing partners for co-funded marketing campaigns, your staff must handle invoicing for many transactions that fall outside your core business.

Take control with SunSystems, a solution that fully automates your sales invoicing process. You can quickly and easily create ad hoc invoices within your system.

SunSystems solution, and route these invoices automatically in the system. You can track them, ensure they’re posted against the correct accounting codes, and retain an audit trail for every invoice you create.

SunSystems caters for all procurement processes, from requisitions and orders, to invoice processing. It is a web based procure-to-pay process.

Tracking and paying invoices is one of the most basic responsibilities of any finance department. It should be simple; but in many cases, it isn’t. Miscellaneous invoices and exceptions often don’t fit the model of even the most well-designed procedures, causing manual and ad-hoc workarounds. You can coordinate and keep track of all the invoices you receive with SunSystems. When an invoice comes in to the finance department, you can easily record its arrival and monitor its status. You’ll be able to find out quickly where an invoice is at any point in the process, and report back to vendors and other business partners with confidence.